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Sponsor a Project

You can support the work of the Colloquium by championing or supporting an existing project by providing financial support to any one or more projects of the Colloquium through your CSR program or by making use of marketing and brand building and visibility enhancing opportunities offered by us.

Own a Project

You can bring your project within the Colloquium's network if such project advances or compliments the ongoing effort of the Colloquium.

Manage a Project

If you are unable to offer financial support but are willing to contribute leadership, guidance or technical skills, time and other resources, the Colloquium enables you to champion or support an existing or a new project.

Volunteer Program

We welcome people who have interest and determination to volunteer and contribute their energy, ideas and skills to grassroots development projects. The volunteer program is also aimed at nurturing young talent to create socially responsible leaders for India. The experience of working on grassroots development projects provides the young leaders with knowledge, insight and commitment to inclusive growth and are equip to take leadership positions across all sectors - private, government and civil society.


The Colloquium is keen to develop internships as an integral part of our programme. We invite interns from diverse professional and educational backgrounds to come forward to contribute to the work of the Colloquium. Their experience with the Colloquium will enable them to continue to participate in community development work well beyond the course of this internship. In that sense, the internship is recognized as a beginning of a much longer relationship between us and the intern, as well as the institution they represent.

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