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Poems of Cities

Poems of Cities is envisioned as a Book Series with collections of poems around/on/about 12 historical cities.

Cities have always inspired people to write. From the Merchant of Venice to the Tale of Two Cities, "shahar" have been an indispensable part of literature. Even if it is fantasy, a Wonderland is needed for Alice to get lost in. As the time goes on, the city is going on as well. It is ever changing, ever growing, ever breathing. This project of Taj Colloquium is an initiative to document the city, everything it had, it has, or may be, dreamt of having, through poetic expressions.

The first project in the series of 12 is the book - Poems of Amritsar, in partnership with Punjab Heritage and Tourism Promotion Board, Government of Punjab.

To find out more about the project, please contact the Colloquium Secretariat.

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