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Planning Board

Sumant Batra (Chair)

He romances with life, lives his dreams and thinks through his heart. An intuitive multi-tasker, thinker and opinion maker, Sumant is a many-faceted person with accomplishments in diverse spheres...

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DNV Kumara Guru

D N V Kumara Guru is Director – External Relations and Human Resources at Indian School of Business (ISB). In his current role at the ISB, Guru focuses on building partnerships for the school with key external...

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Gunjan Veda

Gunjan Veda is a writer, public policy strategist, development consultant and the Founder Director of INDIAreads.com, India's largest online library...

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Jerry Pinto

Jerry Pinto is a writer and translator based in Mumbai. He is the author of the novel Em and the Big Hoom (winner of the Hindu Literary Prize and the Crossword Book Award for Fiction) and the non-fiction book...

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Dr. Shivani Chaturvedi

Dr. Shivani Chaturvedi is a Laparoscopic Surgeon and Director of Obstetrics Gynaecology Super-Speciality Centre. She is the Founder of Agra Book Club and Vice President of Gayatri Public Schools...

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Trisha De Niyogi

Trisha De Niyogi is currently heading the Strategic Planning and Marketing division at Niyogi Books. As a lead for strategic planning, her goal is to drive a portfolio diversification in alignment to the company’s long-term strategy...

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