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Literary Bhagidari

India is currently passing through a phase of rapid social, cultural and economic transition. Significant changes are occurring in the way of life of people. An immensely young population has to deal with the dynamics of this transition on a daily basis. It is the responsibility of the more stable and established adults of the society to provide guidance, mentorship, and offer their wisdom to the young and aspiring population who are the future thought leaders. The role of art and literature assumes far greater importance in such times, and thinkers, writers, poets and artists must make an important contribution in guiding the youth.

Literary Bhagidari

Literary Bhagidari was started by NHP Centre in the year 2014 to inspire the youth to engage with art and culture while pursuing their economic goals and aspirations so that their way of life is not lost and they continue to realize and manifest their cultural identity within the unique plurality of the cultural hierarchies of India.

Bhagidari, translated into English means, an initiative to promote broad-based civic participation in community projects.

Main goal of Literary Bhagidari

The initiative aims at involving the literary and artist community in mentoring the youth of the country so that the nation produces and promotes leaders who excel in the field of art, literature and other cultural areas so that the cultural development of the country is no less than her economic growth.

Taj Colloquium

NHP Centre and the Taj Colloquium Foundation (“Colloquium”) have agreed to partner and extend work together to promote the programmes of Literary Bhagidari.

Programmes of Literary Bhagidari

A number of initiatives have been started under Literary Bhagidari for children and young adults, such as:

  • Creative writing workshops (short stories and poetry)
  • Interaction with writers, poets, artists and creative persons
  • Young Talent Award (in participation with YES INSTITUTE)
  • Participation in contests on creative subjects
  • Participation in Kumaon Literary Festival
  • Participation in Back to Diary campaign programmes
  • Engagement in Living The Heritage project of the Taj Colloquium
  • Volunteer in literary programmes

In the year, 2015, four workshops were held during Kumaon Literary Festival in October 2015. Two of these were aimed at children from rural schools located in and around the village of Dhanachuli and two involving schools in and around Nainital. Over 400 school children from public and private schools including Hindi medium schools and those run by NGOs in the rural areas attended the workshops.

Eminent writers and poets - Jerry Pinto, Siddhatha Gigoo, Abha Iyengar, Dolly Singh, conducted the workshops. The workshops were organised in the premises of (a) a school in Dhanachuli; (b) Aarohi (an NGO) in a village near Dhanachuli and (c) in auditorium of Uttarakhand Academy of Administration in Nainital. The writers interacted with students before or after the workshop as a part of mentorship effort.

Children from schools in and Dhanachuli were invited to Kumaon Literary Festival and attended the select sessions of KLF in batches of 50 each of the first 3 days and 100 in the last 2 days. A session on graphic books was held only for students.

As Literary Bhagidari is growing rapidly, it has been decided to set up a Steering Committee to steer this project under the guidance of NHP Centre and the Taj Colloquium.


Literary Bhagidari runs its programmes in collaboration and partnership with many organisations like schools, colleges, public and private organisations. Ms. Natalie Daalder, the wife of the immediate past High Commissioner of Australia to India is one of the ambassadors of Literary Bhagidari project. YES Bank, India’s third largest private bank sponsors the Young Talent Award.

Steering Committee

The Forum is managed by a Steering Committee. Following shall be the composition and term of the Steering Committee:

  • The Steering Group will have a maximum of ten (10) members, including the chairperson and co-chairperson.
  • Two members of the Steering Committee will be co-opted from Uttar Pradesh and one from Uttarakhand. Other members will be drawn from other parts of the country.
  • The Chair of the Steering Committee will be the ex-officio Special Invitee Member of the Advisory Board of the Colloquium.
  • A member nominated by NHP Centre Executive Committee will be an ex-officio member of Literary Bhagidari.
  • The Planning Committee, in consultation with the Chairperson of the Steering Committee, will appoint the members of the Steering Committee.
  • The term of the Steering Committee will be two (2) years.
  • The Steering Committee will be responsible for planning the agenda and meetings of the Forum.

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